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Contract Disputes

Salt Lake City Contract Disputes Lawyer

Salt Lake City Buy Sell Agreements Attorney

Whether a real estate transaction is finalized or at an incomplete stage, a breach or disagreement over contractual rights or obligations is usually the cause of litigation. At Crippen & Cline L.C. we focus our legal practice and experience on resolving contract disputes for buyers, sellers, developers and others involved in real estate transactions.

Our firm offers the legal guidance and advocacy of experienced contract dispute attorneys, skilled in contractual obligations, rights and litigation. If you have suffered as a result of a breach of contract or you need legal advice on how to protect your real estate investments, schedule your free initial consultation with one of our Salt Lake City contract dispute attorneys. We can be reached at 801-539-1900.

From consulting with you on how to enforce your contractual rights, our attorneys have the experience, skills and practical knowledge to effectively protect your investments. We are experienced in every stage of contract formation and contract dispute litigation. We will work with you to determine your final objectives, including specific performance or financial compensation. Our experienced attorneys will provide you with the proper information and legal guidance you need to explore all of your options and alternatives.

Whether you have suffered from a breach of contract or are facing a contractual dispute, Crippen & Cline L.C Overview can help you with all of the following:

  • Contract disputes involving real estate purchases: purchase agreements, sale agreements, buy-sell agreements, disclosure agreements, commercial and residential real estate contracts
  • Lease disputes: landlord and tenant rights, lease options
  • Contractual obligations: option to purchase, foreclosure, disclosure
  • Financing: lender disputes, contractual obligations
  • Construction litigation
  • Business law, commercial law and litigation
  • Foreclosure

Contract Rights for Buyers and Sellers

Our attorneys are experienced in the complexities of real estate contracts and can assert the rights of both buyers and sellers who have entered into contractual agreements. We have represented sellers after a buyer breaches a purchase agreement and buyers where a seller fails to disclose property defects. We also represent both buyers and sellers where financing cannot be obtained for the purchase. We will examine the contract in dispute to determine whether it is enforceable and help you assert your rights in court.

Lease Option to Purchase

We are experienced in contract lease option rights and can effectively assert the rights of tenants seeking to close on the property. If the real estate value of the property has gone up and the owner does not want to sell pursuant to a lease option clause, we can help determine whether the tenant still has the right to purchase and if the landlord has a right to defend against a lease option.

Contact our offices today for a free consultation with an experienced Salt Lake City contract dispute attorney. We are experienced in all contract dispute cases including purchase sale agreements, lease options and in breach of contract.

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